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Fire Safety Awareness…First Priority!

When was the last time you talked to your kids about a house fire?  How many smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors do you have in your home?  It wasn’t until my 6 year old at the time who is now 9 noticed a little smoke coming from my hanging fixture in the kitchen nook.  Talk about raising the awareness about fire situations in my house, and since then smoldering smoke detectors are seen almost everywhere in my house.  I tripled the amount as well as adding carbon monoxide detectors.  What I’ve found about smoldering smoke detectors is that they generally cost around $25 a piece compared to your typical detector $8 a piece at places like Home Depot.  Does that really matter?  

Also, if you have smoke detectors you should always test them once a month and listen for the beep sound that generally means the battery is low.  Read more about fire awareness at www.raymondchavez.com/firesafety!  Be safe!!!